Digitalization is becoming a crucial aspect of the eyewear industry, says Tony Pessok, CEO of Mondottica. The company has been actively expanding its business in both the premium and prestige segments, launching new brands like Scotch & Soda and Hackett. In an interview with, Pessok discusses the company’s plans, sustainability efforts, and the impact of Covid-19.

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, Mondottica is focusing on supporting its existing partners and monitoring the situation at a local level. The company is also developing closer relationships with its brand partners. Pessok believes that tradeshows will need to adapt to prioritize participant health and safety. The current restrictions on human interactions have led to an increase in online transactions and digital engagement. To strengthen their position in the market, Mondottica plans to review customer service strategies, increase online training, and host webinars to build closer relationships with customers and gather feedback.

Pessok acknowledges that the pandemic will have a lasting impact on the way tradeshows and events are conducted. He expects all tradeshows this year to be affected to some extent. The upcoming digital-only London Fashion Week in June will be a good indicator of how well digital formats can replace physical events.

Digitalization is already a key factor in the eyewear industry and will become even more important, according to Pessok. Mondottica plans to invest in their successful B2B service and explore the implementation of augmented reality systems for virtual fitting experiences. These initiatives aim to enhance the browsing experience for customers and improve the service provided by opticians.

Mondottica is also committed to sustainability. The company has been working with key brands and partners to develop cases and cleaning cloths made from sustainable materials. They plan to expand these initiatives and will make further announcements soon. Additionally, Mondottica has a research team in Asia dedicated to finding sustainable products and suppliers worldwide.

Sales for Mondottica are divided among their diverse brand portfolio, with established brands generating a higher percentage of revenue. Women’s glasses account for 60% of sales, men’s glasses for 40%, and sunglasses make up 25% of their business. The company has strategic plans to drive sales of sunglasses, including new partnerships currently in progress.

Currently, Mondottica has 20 brands in its portfolio. They recently renewed license agreements with Hackett and Pepe Jeans, and are in advanced conversations to extend more licenses in the coming months. The debut eyewear collection with Scotch & Soda has been successful, with the brand’s e-commerce outperforming despite the challenging circumstances. Mondottica worked closely with Scotch & Soda to create a collection that reflects the brand’s exploration, attention to detail, and unconventional design principles.

To conclude, digitalization is playing an increasingly significant role in the eyewear industry. Mondottica is adapting to these changes by focusing on core markets, building stronger relationships with brand partners, and investing in digital platforms and sustainability initiatives. Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 crisis, the company remains optimistic about the future of the industry and their ability to satisfy consumer demands.

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