Dior CEO Pietro Beccari recently sat down for an interview to discuss various topics concerning the iconic fashion brand. In the interview, Beccari highlighted the continued emphasis on couture and its historical significance in showcasing the brand’s tradition and savoir-faire, while also acknowledging the importance of incorporating modernity to ensure Dior’s success.

One of the significant developments revealed during the interview was Dior’s plans for a new world headquarters on the Champs-Elysees, set to open in 2023. The aim of this project is to consolidate all Dior employees in one location, promoting unity and a cohesive company culture.

The interview also touched on Dior’s recent focus on pop-up stores, which offer customers a unique and surprising experience that differs from regular retail stores. The success of Dior’s pop-ups in Mykonos demonstrates the brand’s ability to captivate customers in unexpected ways.

Beccari addressed Dior’s relatively new venture into e-commerce compared to competitors like Gucci and Hermes. While acknowledging the importance of digital sales, Beccari emphasized the significance of physical stores and the personal interaction between clients and sales associates. Dior continues to invest in flagship stores worldwide, recognizing the value of the personal connection.

Looking ahead, Beccari expressed Dior’s commitment to a balanced approach to advertising, without disclosing specific budgets. He hinted at future growth in the mountains category, mentioning a forthcoming capsule collection called Dior Alps, set to be unveiled in September.

The interview concluded with Beccari discussing his role at Dior and the goals set by CEO of LVMH, Bernard Arnault, who owns Dior. Arnault tasked Beccari with increasing the brand’s visibility and desirability, recognizing that desirability is key to long-term success. Beccari also praised the collaborations led by Dior’s artistic director for menswear, Kim Jones, for bringing fresh perspectives and inspiration to the brand.

Lastly, when asked about an alternate career path, Beccari revealed his interest in architecture and interior design, further showcasing his appreciation for aesthetics and his passion for the creative world.

Overall, Pietro Beccari’s interview offers valuable insights into Dior’s strategic initiatives and its commitment to maintaining its position as a leading fashion brand. With plans for a new headquarters, the continued success of pop-up stores, and a dedication to balancing tradition and modernity, Dior is setting itself up for a bright and innovative future.

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