Dr. Martens is establishing itself as an iconic British brand and expanding its presence in Paris and beyond. With a stylish showroom and the appointment of a new creative director, the brand is honoring its heritage while also setting its sights on the future.

Taking charge of the brand is Global Creative Director, Darren McKoy. With seven years of experience and a background in the product team, McKoy brings a fresh perspective to Dr. Martens. He frequently visits the original factories in Wollaston, located in the heart of the UK footwear industry. Growing up in Sheffield, McKoy embodies the brand’s resilience with his quiet determination.

In Paris, Dr. Martens introduced its latest collection and showcased a range of collaborations at the Rue Richelieu address. Collaborations have been an integral part of the brand’s history, with partnerships with renowned designers like Yohji Yamamoto leaving a lasting impact. Dr. Martens has sold over 100 million pairs of shoes in its seven decades of existence, thanks to their comfortable Airwair soles.

During a conversation with McKoy, he highlighted his vision for Dr. Martens and how he plans to capitalize on its rich heritage. He emphasized the importance of staying true to the brand’s DNA while looking ahead. Collaborations have been crucial in reaching new and diverse consumers. With partnerships with brands like YouTube, ACW, and Supreme, Dr. Martens continues to connect with subcultural consumers who share the same principles and values as the brand.

While footwear remains the brand’s main focus, Dr. Martens also boasts a successful accessory line that includes backpacks, small leather goods, and socks. Although they have experimented with clothing in the past, it is currently not a priority. McKoy acknowledged the impact of events, recognizing their ability to capture attention and leave a lasting impression. While Dr. Martens has participated in various shows, they have not yet considered hosting their own show in Paris.

Located in the Marais district, Dr. Martens’ store in Paris aims to take visitors on a journey through the brand’s history and connect with the next generation of designers. By immersing visitors in the brand’s heritage while showcasing its relevance to contemporary fashion, the store serves as a focal point for Dr. Martens’ ever-evolving story.

As Dr. Martens continues to make a mark in Paris and expand its presence, it remains a powerful force in the fashion industry. With Darren McKoy leading the way, the brand is poised to build on its rich heritage through new collaborations and reach even broader audiences. Whether it’s through their iconic footwear or their meticulously curated store experiences, Dr. Martens is a brand that is constantly on the move.

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