Dr Martens, which is owned by Permira, has reported a successful year despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic. The iconic British shoemaker and retailer experienced a surge in sales and profits, driven by an increase in online demand. In the year leading up to March 31, the company saw its revenue soar by 48% to £672.2 million, while operating profit rose by an impressive 110% to £142.5 million.

The strong performance was predominantly driven by the company’s direct-to-consumer e-commerce and stores businesses, which witnessed a remarkable sales increase of 51%, generating revenue of £301.6 million. The wholesale front also performed well, with a 45% increase to £370.6 million. Dr Martens has a global presence with 122 stores across the world, and all major markets where the brand is present reported double-digit revenue growth.

It is important to highlight that these figures only cover a short period during which many stores were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The current year is expected to present more challenges as lockdown measures continue to impact businesses globally. Nevertheless, almost all of Dr Martens’ stores have reopened after the temporary closures.

Dr Martens’ CEO, Kenny Wilson, acknowledged the exceptional growth the company experienced in the past financial year. He attributed the success to the company’s consumer-first strategy and ongoing investment in the business. Despite the volatile and uncertain trading environment, Wilson remains confident in the future. He believes in the strength of Dr Martens’ clear strategy, which is backed by a robust brand and strong consumer connections.

The success of Dr Martens in the past year showcases the brand’s resilience and adaptability. As consumers increasingly prioritize online shopping and with Dr Martens expanding its global presence, the company is well-positioned to tackle future challenges and sustain its momentum.

To learn more about Dr Martens’ success during the pandemic, you can visit their official website [link] or read about their growth strategy on Forbes [link].