Dreamsport, a sportswear manufacturer located in Nottingham, is pleased to announce that it has found a buyer for its Teamwear division. This successful sale has resulted in the preservation of approximately 35 jobs, offering a lifeline to the affected employees. Dreamsport 2022, an unrelated third party operating under The Stevenson Group, has acquired the division, although the exact financial details of the sale remain undisclosed.

Specializing in the design, development, and production of customized sportswear, Dreamsport caters to a diverse range of clients. From international and professional clubs to amateur clubs, universities, and schools, the company takes pride in establishing a strong connection between athletes and their apparel through customization. This focus sets Dreamsport apart in the industry and has contributed to its success.

Sadly, while the Teamwear division has found a buyer, the remainder of Dreamsport’s business has not attracted any interest from potential purchasers. As a result, the remaining five employees have been made redundant. Grant Thornton, the appointed administrators, will continue their efforts to maximize the company’s remaining value and ensure a smooth and organized winding down process.

The decision to sell the Teamwear division comes as Dreamsport grappled with significant challenges resulting from declining trading and the ongoing impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic over the past two years. In order to address its financial issues, Dreamsport was forced to seek administration. However, the sale of the Teamwear division provides a glimmer of hope for the affected employees and hints at the potential for Dreamsport to continue its operations in this particular sector.

Dreamsport 2022 and the administrators will collaborate closely to facilitate a seamless transition and guarantee the ongoing functioning of the Teamwear division. Further updates on the company’s future plans and any emerging developments will be communicated in due course.

This successful sale of Dreamsport’s Teamwear division marks a positive development for the company and the local economy of Nottingham. By safeguarding 35 jobs, it offers stability and relief for the affected employees. Moreover, the acquisition is a testament to the confidence placed in the value and potential of Dreamsport’s Teamwear division, which is expected to bolster the company’s prospects moving forward.

While Dreamsport still faces challenges in other areas of its business, the sale of its Teamwear division brings a much-needed sense of optimism and saves a substantial number of jobs. It serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience and adaptability demonstrated by businesses in the face of adversity.

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