Dune Group, a specialist in footwear and accessories, is actively seeking new investors to drive faster growth and explore exciting expansion opportunities. To facilitate this process, the company has enlisted the help of global advisory firm KPMG to identify potential investors and maximize its growth potential. With plans in motion, Dune Group is already investing heavily in its expansion strategy, aiming to open 25 new standalone stores in the UK over the next three years and further strengthening its online presence.

Founder and chairman Daniel Rubin, an industry veteran with 47 years of experience, announced the search for investors while keeping his future involvement with the company undisclosed. Despite the challenging economic climate, Dune Group finds itself in a favorable position to attract new investors. The company has witnessed strong financial performance in recent times, with turnover increasing from £109 million to £139 million and EBITDA rising from £6.7 million to £10.1 million in the year leading up to January. These figures underscore the success of the company’s business model adjustments during the pandemic, including downsizing its department store concessions and prioritizing e-commerce. Furthermore, international growth has been a key focus for Dune Group, with overseas sales currently accounting for 35% of total sales and a projected increase to 50% within three years.

Dune Group has already made significant strides in expanding its global presence. It has established online partnerships with renowned retailers Nordstrom and Dillard’s in the US, yielding positive results. The company has also appointed Lindsey Borkowski as VP of North American sales, showcasing its commitment to the North American market and plans to open more stores internationally. In the Middle East, Dune Group already boasts a strong presence with 65 stores and intends to add an additional 10 stores in the coming year. Building on the success of its debut store in Lagos, Nigeria, which surpassed budget targets by over 50%, Dune Group plans to open four new stores in the region this year. Moreover, the company has store openings lined up for Pakistan and India in 2023, along with franchised stores in Egypt, and more concessions in Australia and South America.

Last autumn, Dune Group welcomed Nigel Darwin as its new CEO. Darwin, formerly the CEO of Toni&Guy, is credited with successfully turning around businesses. With the support of KPMG and a strong management team, Dune Group is now poised for exciting growth and expansion opportunities both domestically and internationally. The company’s commitment to innovation, along with its focus on e-commerce and international markets, has set the stage for continued success in the ever-evolving retail industry.

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