In a bid to solidify its presence in the pre-loved fashion market, Ebay has recently announced its acquisition of Certilogo, a leading provider of AI-powered digital IDs and authentication for apparel and fashion goods. The move is part of Ebay’s strategy to position itself as a trusted destination for shoppers in the fashion category and provide customers with more confidence in making sustainable fashion choices.

Through this partnership, Ebay plans to harness Certilogo’s advanced technology to empower both sellers and buyers in the pre-loved apparel and fashion market. The integration of Certilogo’s platform will enable Ebay to offer enhanced features such as managing the lifecycle of garments and providing consumers with easy access to information about branded items. By leveraging AI and digital technology, Ebay aims to enhance the online shopping experience for its customers and strengthen its reputation as a leader in pre-loved fashion.

Charis Marquez, Ebay’s Vice President, emphasized the significance of Certilogo’s technology and talented team in building Ebay’s commitment to pre-loved fashion. By establishing Ebay as a leader in this category, the company aims to offer new ways for consumers to connect and engage with brands, while also promoting sustainability.

Michele Casucci, CEO and Founder of Certilogo, expressed excitement about the partnership and its potential to make a positive impact. By joining forces, the two companies can leverage their existing skills and infrastructures to promote a model that is based on community and circularity. This collaboration has the potential to create immediate and significant contributions to the fashion industry.

The acquisition of Certilogo by Ebay was recently finalized on May 15th, with the deal expected to close in the third quarter, pending regulatory approvals. While further details about the acquisition were not disclosed, it is clear that Ebay’s strategic move is aimed at strengthening its position in the pre-loved fashion market and providing customers with a trusted platform for purchasing sustainable fashion items.

Overall, Ebay’s acquisition of Certilogo is set to enhance the pre-loved fashion category, offering consumers a seamless shopping experience while promoting sustainability in the fashion industry. With the integration of Certilogo’s technology and expertise, Ebay aims to become a leader in the pre-loved fashion market, providing customers with confidence in their sustainable fashion choices.

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