Ecoalf, the renowned sustainable fashion brand known for its creative use of recycled materials, is now venturing into the United States market. After establishing its presence in various markets such as Japan, Paris, and Milan, the company is now targeting American consumers. To facilitate this expansion, Ecoalf will be creating a subsidiary in the United States and will soon be opening its very first store in Los Angeles next spring.

Javier Goyeneche, the founder of Ecoalf, expressed the brand’s ambitious plans for the U.S. market. The aim is to establish six to eight stores within the next five years, with a focus on maintaining control over their distribution channels. Although collaborations with department stores are not off the table for the future, for now, Ecoalf desires direct oversight of their product distribution in the country.

In terms of distribution strategy, Ecoalf plans to strike a balance between retail, online, and wholesale channels in the United States. This approach will differ from their strategy in the European market, where the majority of their sales come from multi-brand stores. Goyeneche emphasized that while Ecoalf has a strong presence in Europe, there is still room for growth on the continent. The brand has recently opened stores in Paris and Milan and intends to open another store in London in early 2024. Additional store openings in Germany, Italy, and Madrid are also in the pipeline for next year.

In Japan, Ecoalf already operates through a joint venture with Sanyo, with three points of sale. By the end of 2023, the company plans to open two new shop-in-shops and expand to four or five more spaces in 2024. Goyeneche acknowledges the positive performance of the brand in the Spanish market but remains cautious about saturating it. Ecoalf currently boasts 350 multi-brand clients in Spain and aims to expand within specific product categories.

Ecoalf’s revenue is expected to reach approximately €60 million in 2023. While the brand has recently introduced sport and beauty lines, there are no immediate plans for further diversification. Instead, the company will maintain its focus on innovation and sustainability. Ecoalf is firmly committed to utilizing materials with a positive impact and aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030. They are also addressing concerns such as microfibers and water consumption as part of their sustainability efforts.

The expansion of Ecoalf into the United States showcases the brand’s global achievements and unwavering commitment to sustainable fashion. By transforming ocean waste into valuable fashion designs, Ecoalf not only offers inventive solutions but also inspires change within the industry. With the establishment of a new subsidiary and the upcoming store in Los Angeles, Ecoalf is poised to have a significant influence on the American market, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in sustainable fashion.

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