Ed Hardy, a clothing brand based in the UK and Ireland, has recently announced a new partnership for their upcoming SS23 season. The brand has teamed up with Just Consultancies to handle their wholesale operations in the UK and Ireland. Alongside Just Consultancies, the Manchester-based licensee Zero21 Brands will also be involved in this collaboration.

This partnership comes at a time when Ed Hardy is experiencing a resurgence in popularity among Gen Z consumers. To showcase their SS23 wholesale collection, the brand participated in the Just Around the Corner trade show, which was hosted by the founders of Just Consultancies. The collection includes a wide range of apparel, headwear, and footwear.

As part of the partnership, Ed Hardy will introduce two wholesale tiers: Mainline and a Black Line ‘Premium’ collection. The Mainline collection will feature key pieces such as cargo pants, jeans, and jersey garments. On the other hand, the Black Line collection will target the high-end market and will include embellished and embroidered products. Both collections are made using 100% organic fabrics and are produced in Dongguan, China.

The managing director of Just Consultancies, Juls Dawson, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that they have never felt as confident as they do now with the tools they have at hand. He believes that this collaboration has huge potential, especially with the clear division between the Mainline and Black Line collections.

Zero21 Brands’ boss, Andy Flack, explained that they chose Just Consultancies because of their good understanding of the Ed Hardy brand heritage and their experience working with other well-established brands. Just Consultancies has previously worked with brands like Fila, Russell Athletic, Original Penguin, Farah, and Juicy Couture.

This partnership between Ed Hardy, Just Consultancies, and Zero21 Brands aims to have a successful SS23 season by targeting both mainstream and high-end markets. Just Consultancies’ expertise and established relationships in the industry are expected to enhance Ed Hardy’s presence in the UK and Ireland. With the brand’s rising popularity, this strategic partnership comes at the perfect time to capitalize on its momentum and expand its reach in the market.

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