The Wembley Park and London Designer Outlet (LDO) locations have been buzzing with activity and sales following Ed Sheeran’s highly anticipated concerts in late June. This further emphasizes the undeniable impact that being situated near a major entertainment venue can have on retail sales. The large crowds and enthusiastic fan base that flocked to the area created a “trading boom” that had retailers and businesses smiling.

We had previously reported on the positive effects of Harry Styles’ Wembley events, which had already driven footfall and sales higher. However, it seems that Ed Sheeran’s fans were even more willing to open their wallets and splurge, despite the concerts coinciding with major rail strikes.

When compared to the average weekend sales of the previous month, the neighborhood experienced a staggering 83% increase in sales during the Ed Sheeran concerts. Not only that, but sales were also 4% higher than when Harry Styles performed at the venue. The footfall saw a significant 45% increase compared to the average weekend in May, indicating that a large number of people were drawn to the area due to the concert.

LDO, in particular, saw specific sales growth in various categories. Sports and athleisure brands at the fashion and lifestyle outlet witnessed a remarkable 68% increase in sales. Accessories and gifts experienced a notable 61% growth, followed by mixed fashion at 26% and health and beauty at 15%. Clearly, the concerts had a significant impact on consumer spending habits and ultimately benefited the retailers in the area.

The success of Wembley Park and LDO during this period can be attributed to the return of large-scale events at the Stadium and Arena. These events have created a positive trading environment, leading to the summer trading boom witnessed recently. The good news doesn’t end there. There are several upcoming events slated to take place in the area, including the highly anticipated UEFA Women’s Euro Final on July 31, Westlife on August 6, Coldplay from August 12-20, and the Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert on September 3. These events are expected to continue driving footfall and sales, providing a consistent boost to the retail sector.

To summarize, the proximity of Wembley Park and the London Designer Outlet to major entertainment venues has proven to be a game-changer for retail sales. The recent Ed Sheeran concerts were a catalyst for a trading boom, with increased footfall and sales across various categories. With more exciting events on the horizon, the area is expected to continue experiencing a surge in footfall and sales, benefiting both retailers and consumers alike.

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