Italian fashion label Ermanno Scervino is making waves with the relaunch of its contemporary line, which has been renamed Ermanno-Firenze. The brand aims to stay true to its luxurious roots while offering a fresh interpretation for a modern audience. The new line will focus on easy-to-wear designs, showcasing the brand’s renowned Italian craftsmanship and couture mood.

Ermanno-Firenze has devised a distribution strategy that centers around e-commerce and multibrand retail channels. The brand also has plans to develop monobrand stores to support its international expansion. With the goal of giving customers a unique and tailored experience, the collection will be released in stages throughout the year, each unveiling a new theme in terms of product category, fabric weight, and inspiration. Altogether, Ermanno-Firenze will consist of six capsule collections, with each collection comprising 30 to 40 items that create a complete mini-wardrobe.

The first collection, “Free femininity to wear,” debuted in early September at Ermanno Scervino’s Milan showroom. The collection exudes a playful and neo-romantic vibe with lace and floral fabrics, colorful motifs on black mini-dresses, adorable crocheted pieces, and chic black leather ensembles. Ermanno-Firenze also offers a selection of accessories and shoes to complement the clothing.

The young line was initially introduced in 2010, showcasing menswear and womenswear with a sportswear aesthetic. In 2015, the brand shifted its focus solely to womenswear, embodying the glamorous and high-quality style associated with Ermanno Scervino. Now, with its rebranding as Ermanno-Firenze, the line aims for a more affordable price positioning, set at 50% below that of the main Ermanno Scervino line. Despite the lower price point, Ermanno-Firenze maintains a glamorous and subtly sensual feel, making fashionable and effortless everyday wear accessible.

Ermanno-Firenze targets a young, cosmopolitan clientele and offers versatile clothing suitable for various occasions and times of the day. This repositioning aligns with Ermanno Scervino’s overall expansion strategy. In June, the brand welcomed Sofia Ciucchi as its first-ever general manager from outside the organization. Ciucchi now collaborates with CEO Toni Scervino and Creative Director Ermanno Daelli, who have been at the helm of the brand since 2000.

With approximately 50 monobrand stores worldwide, Ermanno Scervino is no stranger to growth. While the ongoing health emergency has prompted the brand to forego participation in Milan Fashion Week this season, it is hosting an exclusive invitation-only presentation. Ermanno-Firenze’s commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of its customers cements its position as an exciting addition to the fashion world.

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