Esprit, the fashion retailer, has experienced a remarkable turnaround in 2021, posting a return to profitability. With a revenue of HK$8.3 billion ($1 billion) for the year, the company has made significant progress. Although a comparative revenue figure was not provided, Esprit did reveal that its net profit surged to $381 million, a stark contrast to the $414 million loss incurred in the last half of 2020. Additionally, there was a notable growth in the gross profit margin, which reached 48.6%, a 7% increase from the previous period.

Despite the challenges stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic, including lockdowns and restrictions in its major European markets during the first and fourth quarters, Esprit managed to generate strong revenue across all three of its channels – e-commerce, wholesale, and owned retail stores. The closure of physical stores was effectively offset by online sales, both through Esprit’s own platforms and third-party sites. Moreover, Esprit’s strategic decision to minimize the number of discounted products in its retail business compared to the previous year played a significant role in its growth.

Looking ahead, Esprit is aware of the continued obstacles posed by the ongoing pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine. The company is also mindful of the challenges faced by the logistics industry and the disruptions in the supply chain, which may result in higher costs. However, despite these concerns, Esprit remains confident in its ability to sustain profitable growth. CEO and COO Pal William Eui Won emphasized the collective effort of the company’s staff, including the successful migration of strategic functions from Germany to Esprit’s new global headquarters in Hong Kong. This collaboration between the German and Hong Kong offices has significantly strengthened the organizational balance and fostered workplace synergy. Additionally, Esprit’s management team has successfully established the necessary infrastructure to position the company as a market leader.

Moving forward, Esprit aims to become an omnipresent brand and enhance its product portfolio in line with its mission of making customers ‘feel good to look good’. Through these efforts, Esprit strives to solidify its position as a leading fashion retailer in the industry.

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