Esprit, the struggling fashion company, is making moves to expand its revamped e-commerce platform from the UK to Europe. The goal is to create a more inspiring and personalized way to connect with customers through the new digital platform, which was launched in the UK in January. The expansion will first take place in Austria in the spring or early summer, followed by Germany in the summer, and the remaining countries throughout the next year.

To support this project, Esprit has partnered with Salesforce and is investing €40 million in upgrading its platform to enhance the overall customer experience. Leif Erichson, Chief Digital & Operations Officer at Esprit, explained that their digital strategy is centered around building a site that continually grows and delights customers with brand stories and great product expression, and the collaboration with Salesforce aligns perfectly with this approach.

One of the key features being implemented in the platform is artificial intelligence technology, which will enable more personalized communication with customers. This means that users will receive style suggestions and have the ability to filter functionalities such as sustainable materials, style, and fit, resulting in a more tailored and customized shopping experience.

Boosting its e-commerce presence is crucial for Esprit, as the company has faced challenges in recent years. In its latest half-year report, the fashion firm reported an 11.8% decrease in sales to HK$5.76 billion (€679.5 million). However, there was a significant improvement in net losses, which decreased to HK$331 million (€38.7 million) compared to HK$1.773 billion (€207 million) in the previous half-year.

With the expansion of its digital platform and the integration of artificial intelligence technology, Esprit is aiming to turn its fortunes around and provide a more engaging and personalized online shopping experience for its European customers. By investing in its e-commerce capabilities, the company is taking proactive steps to revitalize its business and increase its competitiveness in the fashion industry.

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