Esprit, the fashion retailer in the midst of a recovery, is taking its reinvention to the next level with the introduction of a new brand mascot named Joy the Dolphin. This move is seen as a reflection of Esprit’s values of celebrating life, love, and togetherness. Dolphins, known for their playful and intuitive nature, embody the traits of love, friendship, and kindness. Additionally, they symbolize the importance of teamwork and empathy, which are fundamental values for Esprit.

Esprit believes that Joy personifies their illustrious heritage and emphasizes their cheerful, caring, and uplifting spirit. The company sees the new mascot as a key element in creating unique brand experiences, developing new products, and engaging customers worldwide. This initiative aims to establish a strong connection between Esprit and its consumers.

Choosing a dolphin as their mascot holds a deeper meaning for Esprit. Dolphins have recently experienced a resurgence after a long absence, symbolizing hopefulness, which aligns with the company’s vision for the future. Moreover, Joy the Dolphin reflects Esprit’s commitment to environmental sustainability since dolphins are integral parts of marine ecosystems.

CEO William Pak expressed his hope that Joy the Dolphin will inspire people to come together and recognize the power of collective potential in society. He believes that by supporting one another, a more beautiful and harmonious world can be created. To create anticipation for the mascot’s arrival, Esprit launched the Color Dolphin capsule collection, which includes dolphin badges. Furthermore, the Dolphin Tennis Club collection, featuring Joy, will be released this month.

Esprit’s new mascot, Joy the Dolphin, signifies a new chapter in the company’s journey towards reinvention. By embodying the brand’s values and heritage, Joy will foster brand engagement and establish a meaningful connection with consumers. As Esprit continues to evolve, this charming and playful mascot will be a crucial part of their mission to regain their place as a global fashion leader.

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