Estée Lauder Cos Inc, a renowned beauty and cosmetics company, is now facing a more significant drop in its full-year profit than it initially anticipated. The revised forecast is primarily due to the uncertainties surrounding the recovery of its major market, China. China has implemented strict Covid-related restrictions and travel bans, negatively impacting luxury and beauty companies like Estée Lauder.

In response to these uncertainties, shares of the New York-based company have decreased by approximately 1% in early trading. Estée Lauder remains hopeful that sales growth will resume in Mainland China and Asia travel retail during the second half of the year. However, doubts still persist about the recovery of this segment in the country.

During the second quarter, Estée Lauder experienced lower sales at Asia travel retailers and a reduction in inventory orders from the United States, mainly due to concerns about a demand slowdown. These factors have negatively affected the company’s overall sales. Notably, the U.S. market has shown weakness, with a noticeable decline of 5% in skin care sales. This decline raises concerns about Estée Lauder’s potential loss of market share in this particular segment.

As a result of these challenges, Estée Lauder now expects its annual adjusted profit per share to decline by 27% to 29%, a significant increase from the previous forecast of 19% to 21%. Additionally, the company anticipates a decrease in net sales by approximately 5% to 7%, compared to the earlier projection of 6% to 8%.

Despite these setbacks, analysts remain optimistic about the travel retail segment outside of China, believing it to be strong. Analyst Robert Ottenstein from Evercore ISI emphasizes the importance of China’s recovery for Estée Lauder’s overall performance. The company’s ability to navigate the uncertainties surrounding the Chinese market will play a crucial role in determining its success in the coming months.

In conclusion, Estée Lauder is preparing for a more substantial decline in profit than initially expected, largely due to uncertainties surrounding China’s recovery. The company’s sales have been negatively impacted by lower demand, travel restrictions, and weakness in the U.S. market. Although the future remains uncertain, Estée Lauder holds hope for a return to sales growth in China and Asia travel retail in the second half of the year. To maintain its position in the competitive beauty and cosmetics industry, the company will need to carefully navigate these challenges.

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