Swedish bodycare brand, Estrid, is undergoing a period of rapid expansion, leading to the opening of a second corporate headquarters in London. The brand has seen impressive growth, with its revenues surging by over 60% year-on-year. To lead this new base, Estrid has enlisted the expertise of beauty industry veteran, Nico Morga Aldenas, as its Chief Brand Officer. Morga Aldenas boasts an impressive resume, having held leadership positions at esteemed beauty companies such as LVMH, Estée Lauder, and Shiseido. Her experience in scaling digital-first brands, including her involvement in the international launch of Makeup by Mario, makes her a highly valuable addition to the team.

In her new role, Morga Aldenas will focus on expanding Estrid’s highly engaged community and spearheading the brand’s entry into untapped markets and channels. Estrid attributes its success to its unique approach, placing emphasis on purpose, activism, and a cruelty-free product portfolio. Additionally, the brand has enjoyed fruitful collaborations with influential body-positive figures like Sophia Hadjipanteli and Munroe Bergdorf. More recently, Estrid has joined forces with Swedish fashion giant, H&M, for a significant limited edition collaboration.

The founder and CEO of Estrid, Ben Eliass, underscores the brand’s mission to make every individual feel acknowledged, irrespective of societal labels. With a strong and supportive customer base across Europe, Estrid aims to challenge the dominance of industry giants and transition from an indie niche start-up to a major industry player. The establishment of a second headquarters in London marks a significant stride towards achieving this ambitious goal. Inclusivity, quality, and innovative products remain paramount for Estrid as it continues to experience exponential growth.

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