Now, Evelyn & Bobbie, a renowned intimates brand from North America, has taken a significant step towards its global expansion by partnering with multi-channel sales agency APM to introduce its products in the UK and Ireland. This collaboration will provide invaluable support in terms of distribution, buyer relations, and navigating the retail landscape in these regions.

APM, leveraging its extensive network, will establish key partnerships with prominent retailers in the UK and Ireland to seamlessly integrate Evelyn & Bobbie products into these markets. Furthermore, Evelyn & Bobbie plans to unveil a dedicated website specifically for the UK and Ireland in the upcoming spring season.

This strategic move aligns perfectly with Evelyn & Bobbie’s mission of offering innovative and inclusive bra and underwear designs to a diverse international audience. The brand is determined to redefine the bra industry and ensure that its customers have access to inclusive products. With more than 100 standalone stores in North America and its products being stocked in over 300 US stores, Evelyn & Bobbie has already established a strong presence in the market. Additionally, the company possesses six fully issued US utility patents for its specialized bra technology, showcasing its commitment to innovation and functionality.

For more information about Evelyn & Bobbie and its products, please visit their official website here.

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