Fable Investments, the corporate venture investment arm of Brazil’s Natura &Co, has recently made a significant investment of $2 million in Stratia Skin, a Los Angeles-based skincare brand. Founded in 2016 by Alli Reed, known as “The Acid Queen” in the skincare blogging community, Stratia Skin has quickly gained reputation for its science-backed approach to skincare and commitment to transparency.

One of the distinctive features of Stratia Skin is its science-based ethos, which is showcased through their clear labeling and transparent ingredient declarations. The brand aims to provide effective skincare solutions for a diverse range of skin types. In addition to offering a wide range of products, Stratia is dedicated to educating consumers about skin and skincare through various platforms such as YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and a dedicated “Learn” section on their website.

Reed expressed her enthusiasm about partnering with Fable Investments, stating that she appreciates the company’s understanding of and respect for Stratia’s philosophy and autonomy as entrepreneurs. She is excited to collaborate with the Fable team to fully develop Stratia’s potential and create products that cater to different genders, skin tones, and skin challenges.

Founded in 2020, Fable Investments focuses on investing in innovative, early-stage companies in the beauty and wellness industries. Some of their previous investments include Perfumer H, Loli Beauty, and Maude. Thomas Buisson, the managing director of Fable, emphasized that Stratia is an exceptional example of an authentic and innovative brand that challenges the status quo in a meaningful way. Buisson highlighted the impressive customer growth and high returning customer rate of Stratia as indicators of its strong potential.

As part of the investment, Fable Investments will provide support for Stratia’s growth by utilizing their network of experts in operations, branding, finance, and investment. Additionally, Fable will leverage the expertise of the Natura &Co portfolio, which includes well-known beauty brands like Aesop, Avon, Natura, and The Body Shop.

Although managed independently, Fable shares the operating principles of Natura &Co, the world’s fourth-largest pure-play beauty group. With their experienced team and aligned objectives, Fable is well-positioned to assist Stratia Skin in reaching new heights in the skincare industry.

[Useful link: Stratia Skin official website](https://www.stratiaskin.com/)

[Useful link: Fable Investments official website](https://www.fableinvest.com/)