According to sources familiar with the matter, Faherty Brand, a family-owned clothing brand and retailer based in New York, is considering options to enhance its strategic direction. One potential avenue being explored is the sale of a minority stake in the company. To facilitate this process, Faherty has enlisted the assistance of a financial advisor to generate interest from potential investors, including private equity firms and family offices. Although the exact terms of the potential sale, including Faherty’s valuation, have yet to be disclosed, the brand is currently profitable.

Established in 2013 by twin brothers Alex and Mike Faherty, along with Alex’s wife Kerry Docherty, Faherty Brand has a unique vision. Alex and Mike left their respective careers in finance and fashion to create a clothing line that embodies both casual and relaxed styles while utilizing high-quality fabrics that are sustainable and durable. Notably, Faherty’s commitment to quality is reflected in their lifetime guarantee on their products.

Over the past few years, Faherty has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its footprint from 15 retail stores in 2019 to a current total of 60 stores across the United States. This significant expansion has contributed to the brand’s success and serves as an enticing prospect for potential investors.

While Faherty representatives have chosen not to comment on the ongoing developments, it is evident that the company is actively considering strategic options to fuel its future growth. Selling a minority stake in Faherty Brand would not only provide the company with much-needed capital but also grant access to valuable expertise, propelling them to new heights. As Faherty continues to expand its retail presence and remain committed to creating sustainable and high-quality clothing, all eyes will be on how this potential sale unfolds and what it means for the company’s future.

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