Farfetch and Clipper Logistics have formed a joint venture to create a global e-fulfilment solution specifically designed for the luxury industry. This partnership will enhance Farfetch’s existing Fulfilment by Farfetch offer, which provides logistics and warehousing solutions. FarfetchClipper, a company that collaborates with major fashion retailers, will work closely with Farfetch to develop a unique logistics offering. The joint venture will manage inventory from Farfetch’s companies, as well as products from other luxury brands. It will primarily focus on meeting the complex fulfilment needs of the global luxury goods sector.

The collaboration between Farfetch and Clipper combines Clipper’s expertise in online logistics and technical solutions with Farfetch’s carrier and duty management systems, as well as its deep relationships and knowledge in the luxury industry. The goal of this joint venture is to deliver a world-class fulfilment solution tailored to the requirements of luxury businesses. The launch is expected early next year, pending regulatory approvals, and will initially provide online fulfilment services in key regions such as Europe, Asia, and North America. There are also plans for future expansion.

As e-commerce continues to grow and supply chain challenges arise, logistics has become increasingly important for brands worldwide. Companies are recognizing the significance of logistics and appointing senior team members to oversee it. Luxury fashion businesses, like Richemont, are turning to external specialist firms to handle areas outside of their expertise.

Luis Teixeira, Farfetch’s COO, is excited about the joint venture with Clipper and emphasizes the need for tailored value-added services for high-end brands and boutiques. These services include a consistent global logistics offering and solutions for high-value goods like watches and fine jewelry. Teixeira believes that the partnership with Clipper will fill this market gap and enable Farfetch to bring stock closer to customers through a global warehousing footprint. Steve Parkin, the executive chairman of Clipper, acknowledges the transformative period the luxury goods sector is experiencing. He believes that the combination of Clipper’s technology and expertise with Farfetch’s global brand and operational knowledge will result in a unique and fully integrated international stock fulfilment offering.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Farfetch and Clipper Logistics aims to provide a comprehensive e-fulfilment solution for luxury brands. By leveraging their strengths and expertise, the joint venture intends to address the logistics needs of high-end brands, offer global warehousing capabilities, and cater to the unique requirements of the luxury industry. This partnership exemplifies the trend of fashion businesses seeking external specialists to handle critical aspects of their operations, highlighting the growing importance of logistics in the retail industry.

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