Farfetch and Reebok have officially launched their partnership, marking a significant milestone for Reebok since its acquisition by Authentic Brands Group. Farfetch will be responsible for managing the Reebok label in Europe and will work on re-platforming Reebok’s websites. Additionally, Farfetch will play a role in expanding Reebok’s luxury collaboration offerings globally. This collaboration is part of Farfetch’s NGG++ division, which focuses on accelerating opportunities in the sportswear and sneaker categories.

Cristiano Fagnani, previously the Chief Marketing Officer of NGG, has been appointed as the CEO of NGG++. With his extensive industry experience, Fagnani brings valuable expertise to the role. José Neves, founder and CEO of Farfetch, stressed the significance of the partnership for both companies. Neves believes that Reebok has the potential to enter the luxury space and attract a new global audience. He also expressed confidence in Fagnani and the NGG++ team to generate value for both brands.

Neves highlighted the launch of this partnership as a crucial milestone in Farfetch’s plans for 2023. He commended the efforts of the NGG++ and Farfetch Platform Solutions teams in ensuring that Reebok’s operations are on track and within budget. This achievement is noteworthy considering the potential challenges and unexpected costs that can arise during such projects.

Fagnani explained that NGG++ will oversee Reebok’s marketing, e-commerce operations, and wholesale distribution in Europe. He is excited about leveraging the brand through luxury collaborations and producing high-end products designed in Milan and made in Italy. Fagnani believes that these efforts will create opportunities for NGG in the sneaker and sportswear markets.

Davide De Giglio, CEO of New Guards Group, emphasized their expertise in helping streetwear brands evolve into luxury and lifestyle houses. He sees the partnership with Reebok as a revenue generator and a support system for existing brands while nurturing new talent. De Giglio views NGG++ as a catalyst for growth, not only for Reebok but also for other NGG brands that celebrate the fusion of sports and culture.

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