Farfetch, the renowned fashion e-tail giant, has recently announced the expansion of its exclusive Fashion Concierge service to all of its Private Client customers. This move is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to cater to the needs and demands of its top tier clients who spend £10k/€12k/$12k annually through the platform.

Originally launched in 2013 by Daniela Cecilio Neves, the Fashion Concierge service aims to assist customers in sourcing some of the most unique luxury items from around the world. After Farfetch acquired the service in 2017, it initially targeted a select group of Private Clients. However, it later expanded its reach by introducing a direct-to-consumer proposition in 2020 through the Farfetch iOS app.

With the recent extension, all Private Client members now have instant access to the Fashion Concierge service at their fingertips. This mobile-based service provides a seamless and personalized experience for customers to find and purchase the luxury items they desire. Through a simple click of a button, Private Clients can access the service’s network of luxury supply partners and have access to hard-to-find items.

When Private Clients make a request through the Fashion Concierge service, they will receive regular updates and results via email and push notifications. This ensures that clients stay informed and can easily complete their purchase when the desired item becomes available. Moreover, customers can also request out-of-stock items priced over $1,000 to be added to their wishlist, further enhancing the personalized shopping experience.

Betty Huang, the Vice President of Fashion Concierge at Farfetch, emphasized the uniqueness of this service within the platform. She noted that it offers clients an incredible opportunity to discover and acquire the rarest and most desirable luxury products from around the world. Huang stated that this expansion into conversational commerce will streamline access to Farfetch’s global sourcing service, reinforcing Farfetch as the go-to luxury destination for its highest-spending and most dedicated customer segment.

The extension of Farfetch’s Fashion Concierge service to all Private Client members is aimed at providing a convenient and tailored shopping experience for customers in search of exclusive luxury items. This strategic move solidifies Farfetch’s position as a leader in the luxury e-commerce market and strengthens its relationship with its most valued customers.

In conclusion, Farfetch’s expansion of the Fashion Concierge service demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the customer experience and catering to the unique needs of its highest-spending clients. By providing this exclusive service, Farfetch ensures that its Private Client members have access to the most sought-after luxury items, further establishing the brand as a premier destination for luxury fashion.