Farfetch, the global luxury fashion e-commerce platform, has recently made significant announcements that demonstrate its commitment to promoting diversity and honoring important industry figures. The platform has launched Farfetch Futures, a business support initiative specifically designed to champion and uplift designers from black and ethnic minority backgrounds. This initiative builds on Farfetch’s previous efforts to support black designers since 2020.

Farfetch Futures aims to provide selected designers with tailored business support and increased visibility across the platform. The program’s primary focus is to assist these designers in advancing their brand vision, achieving growth, and attaining commercial success. The support offered includes collaborative commercial, marketing, content, and technology assistance. As a testament to the effectiveness of Farfetch’s efforts to promote black designers, there has already been a remarkable 66% increase in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) from brands in the black designer edit compared to 2019.

The launch partner for the Farfetch Futures initiative is renowned designer Grace Wales Bonner and her brand, Wales Bonner. The first phase of the program features a project inspired by West African style, paying homage to visionaries who have paved the way for a new wave of avant-garde creativity. It also presents exclusive pieces from Wales Bonner’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, showcasing the fusion of heritage and contemporary fashion.

In addition to the Farfetch Futures program, Farfetch has also introduced a special tribute on its site dedicated to the late Virgil Abloh, founder of Off-White. This tribute includes a reflective piece written by Octavia Bürgel, who shares her personal experience of collaborating with Abloh and continuing his impactful work. Bürgel describes Abloh as a polymath and highlights his deep passion for bringing new voices into various creative industries. The tribute also features Parisian photographer Djiby Kebe and Dayanne, co-founder of Bienvenue Projects, both showcasing pieces from Off-White’s new Spring collection while reflecting on Abloh’s enduring legacy.

Farfetch’s launch of the Farfetch Futures program and the tribute to Virgil Abloh symbolize the platform’s unwavering commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the fashion industry. By providing tailored business support and increased visibility to designers from underrepresented backgrounds, Farfetch is actively creating opportunities for growth and success. Furthermore, by honoring the groundbreaking work of Virgil Abloh, an influential figure in the industry, Farfetch pays homage to his lasting impact on a new generation of creatives.

To learn more about Farfetch Futures and the support it offers to black and ethnic minority designers, visit their website [insert link: Farfetch Futures]. Additionally, for further insight into the tribute dedicated to Virgil Abloh and the impact of his work, explore the related content on Farfetch’s platform [insert link: Farfetch Tribute to Virgil Abloh].