Luxury e-tailer Farfetch has launched a global marketing campaign and unveiled a new brand identity. The Open Doors to a World of Fashion campaign celebrates the global community and the power of discovery by showcasing Farfetch’s unique boutique proposition and how customers can shop from the world’s best boutiques and brands.

The campaign is a major development for Farfetch, as it will be seen across a range of mediums including out of home, print, social media, online, and targetable TV. This move is particularly relevant as online retail has gained significance during global lockdowns and restrictions, with consumers turning to online shopping more than ever before. Farfetch aims to bridge the gap between physical boutique businesses and the world of online retail.

The Open Doors to a World of Fashion campaign brings Farfetch’s business model to life by promoting open-mindedness and optimism. The campaign focuses on the joy of togetherness and being part of a global community, even when physically separated. Chief Brand Officer Holli Rogers stated that the campaign is designed to bring the world of fashion to people everywhere.

The campaign features a diverse cast of individuals from various backgrounds, including Broadway playwright and actor Jeremy O Harris, fashion muse Veronika Kunz, and world music artist Kindness. It will be launched in major cities like New York, Shanghai, and London, and includes a multi-layered international content journey across the Farfetch ecosystem and community.

Social media plays a significant role in the campaign, with innovative elements such as a Snapchat Portal Lens that allows users to virtually visit iconic boutiques around the world. There will also be a TikTok challenge, intimate conversations with fashion voices on Instagram, and a new YouTube channel. Traditional media is also part of the campaign, with unique content partnerships with Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Highsnobiety, More Or Less, and AnOther Magazine.

In conjunction with the campaign, Farfetch has introduced a new streamlined and modern brand identity. The company collaborated with design studio Bureau Borsche to create a cohesive visual system that aligns with Farfetch’s global reputation and resonates with its growing audience. The new brand identity features a more curated approach, introducing more white space and a new typographic palette. It includes a bespoke typeface called Farfetch Basis, the graphic font family Nimbus, and the double-F Fuse monogram.

The Fuse monogram, seen on the app icon, represents the fusion between classic and modern, established and experimental, romantic and revolutionary. Farfetch describes the monogram as flexible, working well in small-size contexts like the app icon, allowing the brand to effectively communicate across various mediums.

Overall, the global campaign and brand identity refresh mark a new era for Farfetch. The company aims to express a forward-looking vision while remaining true to its identity as a destination powered by innovative technology, offering access to the greatest designers, fashion curators, and boutique owners worldwide.

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