Fashion brand Brownie has experienced impressive growth in turnover for its fiscal year 2023-2024, reaching a total of 91 million euros, a 35% increase compared to the previous year. This news, reported by Expansión, highlights the brand’s success in combining timeless essentials with trendy pieces.

As part of its expansion strategy, Brownie opened 21 new stores in 2023. These included four stores in Spanish shopping centers, one in France, six corners in El Corte Inglés, and 10 franchised locations outside of Europe. The brand plans to continue this growth in 2024 by focusing on opening proprietary stores exclusively in Spain and Portugal to strengthen its brand positioning. Additionally, existing stores will be refurbished or relocated throughout the year.

Brownie’s franchise business is also thriving, with Mexico serving as its largest market in Latin America. In addition to its 31 existing stores in Mexico, the brand plans to open eight new locations. The company is also expanding its reach into Colombia in May, with plans to venture into Uruguay in September, specifically targeting the seaside city of Punta del Este.

With the goal of surpassing the 2.87 million euros in gross operating profit achieved during the 2022/2023 fiscal year, Brownie continues to gain popularity and now manages both proprietary and franchised stores in various regions outside of Spain. Its network of points of sale has grown to a total of 116 locations, including Portugal, France, Mexico, Chile, Andorra, and Israel.

Founded in Barcelona in 2006 by Juan Morera and Mercedes Ortega, Brownie aims to offer fresh, functional pieces that bring joy to those who wear them. With a team of over 450 employees, the company remains committed to innovation and expanding its presence in the fashion industry.

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