Fashion brand consultancy Tomorrow has recently acquired a majority stake in independent concept store Machine-A, signaling a strategic move towards supporting emerging designers and expanding its direct-to-consumer model. This investment comes on the heels of Tomorrow’s stake acquisition in Colville, a label founded by Molly Molloy and Lucinda Chambers.

Machine-A, founded by Stavros Karelis in London seven years ago, has always been dedicated to showcasing emerging designers and fashion brands, while also stocking high-end established brands. The store has gained recognition for its unique and curated presentation of fashion pieces. During London Fashion Week, Machine-A hosted a Richard Quinn makeover of its Soho boutique, further cementing its commitment to innovative and creative designs.

Under the deal, Tomorrow has become the majority shareholder in Machine-A, with Karelis’ stake in the company also increasing. Karelis will continue to serve as Buying Director while overseeing brand curation for the Tomorrow portfolio and creative projects. Alessandra Rossi, Tomorrow’s Chief Digital Officer, has been appointed as Machine-A’s new CEO.

The partnership between Tomorrow and Machine-A is seen as a significant development in the fashion industry, as it brings together the shared goals of supporting emerging talent and championing creativity. This collaboration also reflects the industry’s shift towards a convergence of retail, wholesale, and digital models. Both companies are excited about the potential opportunities that this partnership will bring.

With Tomorrow’s backing, Machine-A is now well-positioned to expand its reach and continue its mission of promoting creativity and inclusivity in the fashion landscape. This collaboration will undoubtedly drive innovation and provide vital support to emerging designers.

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