Fashion industry veterans Touker Suleyman and Tom Singh have recently invested in Loop Generation, a designer resale start-up based in London. This company specializes in the circular economy and offers pre-loved luxury fashion, accessories, and footwear for both men and women. The founders of Loop Generation, Ewa Kozieja and Piotr Krzymowski, carefully curate all the items available on the platform, ensuring high quality and authenticity.

While the specific amount of the investment has not been disclosed, both Suleyman and Singh expressed their excitement about partnering with Loop Generation. Suleyman stated his eagerness to work with the company, while Singh mentioned being inspired by the achievements of the co-founders within the resale industry. This investment not only provides financial support for Loop Generation but also validates its business model.

Loop Generation initially launched in 2019 as an online marketplace for pre-owned luxury fashion. However, the company recently expanded its operations by opening its first physical store in London’s Chelsea district. What distinguishes Loop Generation is its unique selection, which includes not only high-end fashion labels like Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Gucci, but also unused beauty products from renowned brands such as La Mer and Jo Malone. All products available on Loop Generation are fully authenticated, giving customers peace of mind when making purchases.

The primary mission of Loop Generation is to contribute to the reduction of clothing waste and promote sustainability. The company strives to be as eco-friendly as possible throughout its operations and delivers each item to customers in fully degradable packaging. By attracting investments from respected individuals in the fashion industry like Suleyman and Singh, Loop Generation has gained not only financial support but also validation of its approach.

This investment comes at a time when the fashion industry is grappling with sustainability issues. The demand for designer resale platforms like Loop Generation is expected to grow as consumers become more conscious of their environmental impact. By focusing on pre-loved luxury fashion and emphasizing sustainability, Loop Generation positions itself as a thriving player in the circular fashion economy.

Overall, the investment made by Touker Suleyman and Tom Singh in Loop Generation demonstrates the recognition and support the company has received from established figures in the fashion industry. With its expanded physical store and the backing of industry experts, Loop Generation is well-positioned for further success in the resale landscape.

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