Fashion Minority Report (FMR) is taking a proactive approach to promote inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry and creative sector through the launch of their new platform, The Hub. Established in 2020 as a business consultancy with a mission to advance diversity in the fashion sector, FMR is now expanding its efforts by offering learning and career development opportunities for aspiring individuals.

The Hub aims to address the practical challenge of connecting brands with emerging talent from minority groups by providing a range of digital and physical resources. These resources include insightful interviews with industry professionals, toolkits, guides, and directories that are easily accessible and understandable for aspiring individuals. With these resources, young talent can showcase their skills and passions in the fashion and creative sector, empowering them to thrive in the industry.

To make The Hub a reality, FMR has partnered with major industry players such as Farfetch, Browns Fashion, The British Fashion Council, John Lewis & Partners, and ASOS. This collaboration emphasizes the urgent need for greater representation of ethnically diverse talent in the creative sector. Currently, only around 11% of roles in the industry are held by individuals from ethnically diverse backgrounds, despite the UK population being almost 18% ethnically diverse. The Hub aims to bridge this representation gap by nurturing a future workforce of diverse industry leaders.

Founder of FMR, Daniel Peters, acknowledges the progress that has been made in recognizing the challenges faced by minority talent. However, he also recognizes the lack of representation in the creative sector. Peters believes that The Hub will play a crucial role in cultivating a more diverse industry by fostering partnerships with brand partners and empowering future leaders.

In addition to launching The Hub, FMR has introduced the Creative Change Makers campaign. This campaign showcases professionals from various disciplines and intersectionalities who have found success within the industry. By highlighting these individuals, FMR aims to inspire aspiring talent and illustrate the diverse range of possibilities within the fashion and creative sector.

The launch of The Hub by Fashion Minority Report marks a significant step towards enhancing inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry and creative sector. By providing resources and opportunities for young and diverse talent, The Hub aims to create a more representative industry that reflects the broader population. Through collaborations with industry leaders, FMR hopes to cultivate a future generation of diverse industry vanguards.

To learn more about Fashion Minority Report and The Hub, visit their website [link] or explore their partnerships with industry leaders [link].