Fashion retailer New Look is taking steps to adapt to the rapidly changing retail industry by making job cuts at its distribution center in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Approximately 500 positions are at risk as the company aims to rebalance its physical store presence and meet the increasing demand for online sales.

As part of the plan, the night shift at the distribution center will be eliminated, putting 503 out of 1,200 roles in jeopardy. However, New Look has assured that it will offer many of the affected employees new positions on the day shift, potentially creating around 300 new jobs.

To carry out the job cuts, New Look has initiated a consultation process with the affected staff members. The redundancies are expected to take effect from mid-May, with CEO Helen Connolly leading the transition.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, New Look has shown signs of recovery and resilience. The company has recently launched several new initiatives to expand its offerings, including the introduction of Re-Fashion, a pre-owned fashion platform. New Look has also formed partnerships with Asda, opening more concessions within their stores, and has made its first foray into the outlet retail sector.

New Look’s approach to adapting to the changing dynamics of the industry highlights its commitment to staying relevant in the evolving retail landscape. Although the job cuts are regrettable, the creation of new positions and the implementation of innovative strategies demonstrate the company’s determination to thrive amidst challenges.

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