Fashion and lifestyle retailer FatFace experienced a notable 34% increase in sales during the Christmas period, spanning five weeks leading up to 7 January. This significant growth was observed across both the company’s digital channels and physical stores. Moreover, for the 26-week duration up until late November, FatFace recorded a 9% rise in total sales, amounting to £136 million. The increase in sales can be attributed to the resurgence in footfall at its physical locations.

Of particular note, FatFace achieved an outstanding 47% increase in like-for-like Christmas store sales, accompanied by a commendable 26% rise in digital sales. This achievement underscores the retailer’s ability to captivate both its existing customer base as well as attract new customers. Furthermore, the company witnessed an increase in average order sizes, contributing positively to its overall sales performance.

The distinctiveness of FatFace’s success lies in its strategy of maintaining a focus on full-price items leading up to Christmas, reserving its discount campaign for Boxing Day. This strategy proved to be successful, resulting in the company’s most profitable trading week following the Christmas period.

Regarding specific product categories, FatFace reported exceptional performance in women’s knitwear and dresses. Menswear also displayed strength, with shirts and outerwear being particularly popular. This trend has been consistent throughout the year, highlighting the recovery of these categories. Menswear currently accounts for 20% of FatFace’s total sales, further emphasizing its significance to the company. Additionally, the retailer sold approximately one million pairs of socks last year.

Furthermore, FatFace excelled in the gifting category and experienced substantial sales in kids’ nightwear onesies. With over 200 stores, predominantly in the UK, physical stores generate about 60% of FatFace’s sales, with the remaining 40% coming from digital channels. In 2016, the company expanded its operations to the US market by opening its first store, and it has plans to enter the Canadian market this spring.

Overall, FatFace’s strong performance during the Christmas sales period showcases its strategic focus on maintaining full-price items leading up to the festive season. The company’s ability to adapt to changing consumer trends and provide high-quality products across various categories has greatly contributed to its success. As FatFace continues to expand both domestically and internationally, it is positioned to achieve further growth in the future.

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