1. G-Spot Orgasm

The G-spot is located behind the clitoris, in the front of the vagina and if stimulated in the right way it gives a very intense and sharp orgasm. In some cases it also comes to the so-called female ejaculation, which is why it can be confused with the feeling of having to pee. The best way to have this type of orgasm is to devote time to foreplay, internally stimulating the vagina with the middle finger: you recognize this area because it is more wrinkled and turgid. But there are also positions that facilitate reaching the G-spot, such as doggy style or you on top of him.

2. Clitoral Orgasm

Main female erogenous zone, the clitoris is equipped with many nerve endings and is therefore very sensitive to contact. For those who have difficulty reaching an orgasm, this is certainly an excellent way to try it. You can stimulate him with different positions while making love, such as that of the cowgirl and the missionary. If, on the other hand, you do it with your fingers, the best and perfect movement for all is the circular and constant one, choosing to change the pressure, stronger or more delicate, when you are in the home straight.

3. Mixed Orgasm

You try it when in addition to the stimulation of the clitoris other erogenous zones are stimulated, such as the nipples or the G-spot. him, because he has both hands free and can caress both your breasts and clitoris at the same time.

4. Nipple Orgasm

It is also called nipple orgasm and it is possible to have an orgasm by stroking the breasts, because the brain receives the same impulses as when stimulating the genitals. And often when you push your nipples, you also have pelvic floor contractions that help you reach the peak of enjoyment. How should they be tickled? Not only with the fingers, starting from the outer edges of the areola up to the center, but also with the mouth or playing with suction sex toys.

5. Anal Orgasm

There is a hot spot between the rectum and the vagina, called the PS spot, a spongy area similar to the G spot. It is located a few centimeters inside the anus and even a stimulation with the finger may be enough, no need for a deep penetration. It is a good way to reach the peak of pleasure, as long as you do not have fears and worries about anal sex.

6. Skin Orgasm

You know the shivers down your spine, waves of pleasure so intense that they give you goosebumps? It is called Frisson and is created when you hear very engaging music, an evocative scene from a film or even watching a work of art that triggers strong emotions. And when you experience these intense sensations, it triggers strong chills that experts have compared to orgasm.

7. Sleep Orgasm

Also called dream orgasm, it happens when you have an erotic dream and live real sexual fantasies. Guiding the game is the mind, free to explore and let go without taboos. And if the dream is vivid, therefore very real, it also leads to a physical orgasm.

8. Coregasm

Training is not only good for having a toned and fit body, but also for the sexual sphere. This type of orgasm is activated with exercise and the climax is reached during training or after. The right fitness to try it out? Running as an example, which with the rubbing of the thighs creates a stimulation to the clitoris, but yoga and cycling are also perfect.