Fenwick, the renowned British department store, has recently unveiled its much-anticipated Christmas window display at its flagship store in Newcastle. This year, the theme of the window is inspired by CS Lewis’ timeless tale, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, from the Chronicles of Narnia series. A total of nine captivating windows have been designed to depict scenes from the enchanting world of Narnia, where four children stumble upon a magical adventure.

The unveiling of the windows took place in the presence of children and families from Fenwick’s partner schools, hospitals, and charities, as well as competition winners. This special event aimed to bring joy and excitement to the community, especially during these challenging times.

Mia Fenwick, the Chief Marketing Officer at Fenwick, emphasized the significance of storytelling in the Christmas window displays. According to her, the windows celebrate the power of storytelling by bringing to life the beloved characters and scenes from CS Lewis’ masterpiece. This approach not only captures the imagination of passersby but also creates a magical experience that resonates with customers of all ages.

In addition to the visually stunning display, Fenwick has partnered with Seven Stories – The National Centre for Children’s Books, a North East charity, to further enhance the enchantment. As part of this collaboration, Seven Stories is presenting a special 45-minute performance based on characters from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. This performance is exclusively offered to children from seven local schools, creating a memorable experience for many young readers. Furthermore, each child attending the performance will receive a complimentary limited-edition book, fostering a love for literature among the community.

Fenwick’s commitment to literature, storytelling, and community engagement is evident in both its Christmas window display and its collaboration with Seven Stories. Despite the uncertainties and challenges faced throughout the year, the CEO of Fenwick, John Edgar, expressed confidence in the company’s performance. Both online and in-store sales have been strong, reflecting the dedication to providing exceptional products and experiences to customers.

Unlike some competitors, Fenwick did not rely heavily on discounting to attract customers. Instead, the company maintained good stock control and opted not to have a mid-season sale. This decision speaks to Fenwick’s commitment to quality and the belief that their products and services speak for themselves.

As the Christmas season approaches, Fenwick is ready to welcome customers with open arms and provide an unforgettable shopping experience. By combining the power of storytelling, artistic window displays, and community partnerships, Fenwick aims to create a truly magical and memorable festive atmosphere.

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