Fenwick, the department store chain, is capitalizing on the increase in online shopping brought about by the pandemic by putting a strong focus on driving e-tail sales. Ever since the CEO, John Edgar, took over in April, he has been actively working to change the company’s culture and has high hopes for the chain’s future.

One of Edgar’s first moves was to quickly reopen the webstore after it had to be temporarily closed during the spring lockdown. To his delight, within just six weeks of reopening, the webstore’s sales had already surpassed the total sales for the entire year of 2019. This impressive achievement has motivated Edgar to set even higher goals, aiming to increase e-sales to 20% of the company’s total revenue, compared to the almost nonexistent online presence they had a year ago.

As a result of the surge in online business, Fenwick has also adjusted its logistics strategy. More orders are now being fulfilled from warehouses, reducing reliance on physical stores. This shift has allowed the company to streamline its operations and cater to the increasing demand from online customers.

Moreover, the growth in the online sector has brought Fenwick a new customer base with a particular interest in streetwear. The company’s ability to adapt and appeal to this demographic has even led to a collaboration with popular streetwear brand Presented By. This partnership has further solidified Fenwick’s position in the online fashion market.

Interestingly, Fenwick’s regional stores have also garnered attention from international fashion labels due to the decline in footfall in London caused by the pandemic. These labels see an opportunity to tap into regional markets and connect with customers who are seeking new shopping experiences away from crowded city centers.

Despite the challenges presented by the English lockdown, Edgar remains optimistic about the future of physical stores. He believes there is still a demand for in-person shopping experiences and anticipates a positive response from shoppers when stores eventually reopen. With the upcoming Christmas season on the horizon, Edgar expects a return to a more traditional shopping style, with customers making last-minute purchases and enjoying the festive atmosphere in stores.

In conclusion, Fenwick’s strategic focus on driving e-tail sales has proven to be highly successful, with the webstore’s sales surpassing previous records. This shift has led to changes in logistics, attracted a younger customer base, and even sparked interest from international fashion labels. Despite the pandemic’s challenges, Fenwick’s CEO remains optimistic about the future of physical stores and anticipates a fruitful Christmas season.

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