FGF Industry, the parent company of Blauer USA, is looking to expand its presence in the German market. The company has experienced significant growth in 2022, achieving a turnover of 73 million euros. In May, Enzo Fusco, founder and president of FGF Industry, showcased the latest jacket collections of Blauer USA and its subsidiary brand, Ten C, in Milan.

Exports play a vital role in Blauer’s business, accounting for 37% of the core brand’s sales in 2022 and 40% for Ten C. Additionally, the licensing business has contributed approximately 13 million euros in revenue. Among their export markets, Germany stands out as the most important for Blauer USA, generating around 10 million euros in turnover per year. The company currently boasts over 200 customers in Germany, and this number continues to grow each season. Fusco’s goal is to strengthen relationships with existing customers while also attracting new ones to join the ever-expanding Blauer USA family.

Looking ahead to 2024, Fusco plans to further expand the distribution network in Germany and establish Blauer as a comprehensive brand that offers complete outfits. Presently, the brand encompasses different lines, including Fushion, a sportswear line, and Parachute, an outerwear line inspired by military uniforms. Additionally, there is a workwear line and an eco line. The progressive label, Ten C, is also a focus for growth and development.

In July, Blauer USA will showcase its footwear collection at the Premium Berlin event for the fourth time, further solidifying its presence in the German market. To manage sales in Germany, Darius Herges and Orderlounge Fashion GmbH oversee the market with showrooms in Cologne and Düsseldorf. Paolo Poli serves as the brand manager for footwear.

Despite focusing on expansion in Germany and Italy, FGF Industry has growth plans for all market segments. Fusco firmly believes in the potential for expansion in all markets. While Blauer USA is widely recognized as a market leader in outerwear, the company is now placing emphasis on providing complete outfits in its upcoming product lines and communication activities. However, Fusco’s passion for jackets remains unwavering, and he will continue to personally oversee the development of the collections.

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