Fila, the esteemed Italian sportswear brand, is embarking on an exciting new strategy to reclaim its origins rooted in the world of tennis. The company’s objective is to expand its market reach by focusing on creating a clear and cohesive project that includes a premium ready-to-wear line for selective fashion boutiques and the development of innovative and sustainable products. In order to make this vision a reality, Fila has assembled new teams led by industry experts, such as Torsten Hochstetter as the global design director and Mikal Peveto overseeing innovation.

In recent years, Fila has gained significant visibility through collaborations with renowned designers like Gosha Rubchinskiy and Fendi. These successful partnerships have not only helped to reposition the brand but have also increased its visibility in the market. Inspired by this success, Fila is now eager to further enhance its potential and create a continuous and sustainable brand image.

As part of its comprehensive five-year strategic plan, Fila aims to reorganize its product offerings. Traditional sports products will be marketed through specialty stores, while a premium range will be launched and distributed in selective multi-brand stores. The brand’s main objective is to establish an aura around Fila that makes it highly desirable and elevates its position in the market. To achieve this, Fila plans to launch a premium ready-to-wear line that embodies its unique image and sets the creative tone for its entire product range. The brand will also rely on its creative director and new head of world design, Torsten Hochstetter, to contribute to this vision.

With a focus on its tennis roots and the “old money” and country club aesthetic, Fila aims to break into new sales channels while leaving certain existing ones. The brand intends to capitalize on the resurgence of tennis in popular culture and leverage its rich heritage in the sport. Fila, founded in 1911, gained recognition through its association with tennis legends like Björn Borg and has since become a global sports brand.

Despite its notable achievements, Fila has also faced challenges in recent years, particularly in the wake of the highly successful Disruptor 2 platform sneaker. In response, the company aims to create new bestselling products and distinguish itself in the market. Fila has reorganized its development structures by assembling a creative team led by Torsten Hochstetter and an innovation team named Futura, led by Mikal Peveto. The innovation team will focus on developing clean and sustainable products while exploring new categories.

Fila intends to maintain and strengthen its brand image by continuing to collaborate with selected partners who align with its positioning. The brand also plans to collaborate with various personalities in the medium to long term.

Fila, currently owned by South Korean entrepreneur Gene Yoon and operated under license by different entities in various markets, enjoys a strong presence in countries such as South Korea, China, and the United States. In the next five years, Fila plans to open its first stores in Europe and the United States, further expanding its global footprint.

In conclusion, Fila’s new strategy is focused on rediscovering its tennis origins, enhancing its brand image, and moving upmarket through the introduction of a premium ready-to-wear line and innovative and sustainable products. The brand aims to cultivate an aura of desirability, capitalizing on its rich heritage and expertise in tennis and sportswear. With industry experts at the helm and a renewed emphasis on its DNA, Fila is well-positioned for a successful repositioning in the market.

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