The Financial Reporting Council’s enforcement division has initiated a probe into Joules’ 2021 accounts, following the retailer’s rescue from administration by Next in December 2022. This rescue plan ensured the preservation of approximately 1,400 jobs and 100 out of Joules’ 124 stores. However, the collapse of the publicly listed company resulted in creditors facing a debt of £114 million. The FRC is currently examining Deloitte’s audit of Joules’ 2021 accounts, although the specifics behind the investigation have not been disclosed. This process is anticipated to be lengthy, as the FRC thoroughly reviews the audit.

Deloitte has pledged its full cooperation with the FRC’s investigation and is determined to uphold the highest standards of audit quality. Despite being under new ownership, Joules is still in the midst of a transitional phase. Next recently announced a restructuring process that will lead to job losses, as certain responsibilities previously handled by Joules personnel are either integrated into Next teams or deemed unnecessary. Although Next now possesses a 74% stake in the company, Joules will continue to function as an independent entity, with its own board and management team. However, the founder, Tom Joule, and his team will primarily concentrate on product development, marketing initiatives, and brand expansion. The remaining senior management, product, and marketing teams will continue their operations from Joules’ existing offices.

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