Foudys, a retailer specializing in women’s football apparel, has recently secured a significant six-figure investment of £290,000. This injection of funds comes at a crucial time for the company as women’s football continues to grow in popularity, especially after the success of the World Cup. With this investment, Foudys plans to expand its product range by collaborating with major sportswear brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Additionally, the funding will support the growth of their in-house creative arm, Foudys Creative.

Established by Helen Hardy in late 2020, Foudys is the first and only retail platform dedicated exclusively to women’s football apparel. Currently, the company offers replica kits and fan apparel for the Women’s World Cup, Women’s Super League, and Champions League. They also provide customized kit designs for grassroots football teams.

Over the past year, Foudys has experienced remarkable growth, surpassing its revenue target for 2022 as early as June 2023, primarily due to the success of the Lucy Bronze World Cup Range. Hardy proudly mentioned that the company has more than doubled in size within the past 12 months and is on track to achieve a substantial 300% growth in revenue this year.

Among the wide range of products offered by Foudys, the England replica apparel stands out as the most popular, with 25% of customers choosing personalized options. To further enhance the customer experience, Foudys now provides a bespoke upcycling service that allows fans to add the names and numbers of their favorite players to their shirts.

With the recent investment, Foudys aims to elevate the women’s football retail experience to new heights. Hardy expressed her delight and gratitude for the support received during the investment round, highlighting the fact that industry veterans have also backed the company’s vision of creating the ultimate destination for women’s football.

In addition to collaborating with major sportswear brands, Foudys has played a crucial role in advocating for the introduction of official lettering and numbering for children’s kits. This initiative ensures that the young generation of fans can easily engage with women’s football and aspire to follow in the footsteps of their idols.

Overall, Foudys’ significant six-figure investment paves the way for further growth and innovation in the women’s football retail industry. With an expanded product range and a strong commitment to providing exceptional consumer experiences, Foudys is well-positioned to meet the surging demand for women’s football apparel and inspire future generations of fans.

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