Fragrance Direct, the popular online beauty retailer, has recently announced the relaunch of its e-commerce platform and brand positioning. This exciting development comes just a year after the company came under new ownership. Fragrance Direct has made the move from a third-party platform to a proprietary solution owned by its parent company, Maximo Group.

Maximo Group is a joint venture between the owners of allbeauty and private investors, along with the Guernsey Investment Fund. With the acquisition of Fragrance Direct, Maximo Group has now become one of the UK’s largest online beauty operators. They boast annual sales of £181 million and hold a 1.7% share of the £29 billion beauty and personal care market.

The relaunch of Fragrance Direct aims to achieve two main goals. First, they aim to drive loyalty among their value-seeking customers. Second, they aim to improve cost-efficiencies within the business. By migrating to the Maximo platform, Fragrance Direct can now offer a more dynamic experience for its customers who are always on the lookout for the best prices. Online beauty shoppers are known to prioritize competitive pricing and fast service, and the new platform delivers exactly that. Fragrance Direct plans to capitalize on this new functionality by combining it with brand-led promotions and events, encouraging repeat business and reinforcing its reputation as an everyday value brand.

Fragrance Direct has been in operation since 1993 and launched its first website back in 1998. Currently, the retailer offers over 500 popular beauty brands. With the enhanced capabilities of the Maximo platform, Fragrance Direct intends to expand its selection of fragrance-related products. This includes products such as home fragrances and candles. By broadening their product range, Fragrance Direct aims to ensure that their customers can find the perfect gifts and treats at the best prices.

The company boasts over 1.69 million unique visitors to its website each month, generating an annual turnover exceeding £55 million. The majority of their loyal customers are women aged between 18 to 35.

Fragrance Direct’s brand refresh is specifically designed to resonate with its core customers. These customers are seen as experience-seekers and value-hunters who view indulgence as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The new visual identity of the company aims to create a strong connection with consumers. The addition of a hand-illustrated wordmark adds a personal touch, while the brand’s personality shines through a trusted, value-driven, bold, and positive tone of voice.

In addition to the relaunch, Fragrance Direct has also made significant investments in improving its overall service and fulfillment. From now on, all Fragrance Direct orders will be processed from a new state-of-the-art warehouse located in Birmingham, which also fulfills orders for allbeauty.

CEO Mathew Gully expressed his excitement regarding this new chapter, saying, “The relaunch marks a new beginning for us. By establishing a strong brand identity and enhancing the online shopping experience, we hope to forge stronger connections with our customers. Migrating to our proprietary platform enables us to improve our offering for brand partners and showcase the capabilities of Maximo Group in the e-commerce realm. Our aspiration is to become the leading online destination for fragrance, providing the most comprehensive range of fragrance products, from well-known brands to niche and trending options, all within an improved and competitively priced e-commerce environment.”

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