Frame, the renowned fashion brand recognized for its modern and stylish designs, is making significant strides in the industry. Following the departure of creative consultant Chemena Kamali, who moved to Chloé to facilitate a seamless transition after Gabriela Hearst’s exit, Frame is now focused on its future plans and global expansion.

CEO Nicolas Dreyfus, who is temporarily overseeing design as well, has some exciting announcements in store. Over the next six months, Dreyfus intends to bring in new key hires who will inject fresh energy into the brand and propel it to new heights. The anticipation is growing as Frame has already achieved impressive sales growth of 50% and doubled its profitability from 2019 to 2022.

But that’s not all – Frame has an ambitious expansion plan in motion. The brand is set to open two new boutiques in September, with an additional five planned by 2024. The first store will replace the former Michael Kors boutique at 3105 M Street in Georgetown, Washington D.C. The second store will be located at 94 Marylebone High Street in London, joining the existing boutique in the Chelsea neighborhood. Furthermore, the Upper East Side New York store, situated at 900 Madison Avenue, will reopen after undergoing a comprehensive five-month renovation. These stores will showcase Frame’s innovative new retail concept.

Dreyfus is also keen on accelerating the brand’s presence in Europe and Asia, where substantial growth has been observed in the past two years. To support this expansion, additional investments will be made in these regions.

Presently, Frame boasts a workforce of 224 employees. However, as part of the brand’s long-term strategy to invest in technology, systems, and IT tools, 14 employees were laid off last summer. Dreyfus assures that these investments have already improved and will continue to enhance their processes and working methods. This ultimately strengthens the brand’s position and boosts efficiency in an ever-evolving commercial and retail landscape.

With these thrilling developments on the horizon, Frame is positioning itself for continued success and growth in the fashion industry. Stay tuned for new collections, store openings, and innovations from this dynamic brand.

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