Frasers Group, the retail giant, has announced that its CEO successor, Michael Murray, could potentially receive a whopping £100 million payout as part of a proposed pay package that is linked to the company’s stock market performance. Murray, who currently serves as the Head of Elevation for the group, has been instrumental in modernizing the business and helping to create a more upscale image. In his new role as CEO from May next year, he will also be rewarded with a £1 million annual salary for overseeing the £3 billion group, which includes well-known brands such as Sports Direct, Flannels, House of Fraser, and Jack Wills.

For Murray to receive the £100 million share windfall, Frasers’ share price must exceed £15 for a consecutive period of 30 days before October 7, 2025. However, as of Thursday afternoon, the shares were trading at a much lower £6.64p. It is worth noting that although Mike Ashley, Murray’s future father-in-law, will step down as CEO next year after a five-year tenure, he will continue to serve on the board as an executive director.

Frasers has stated that the remuneration committee carefully considered and set ambitious yet attainable targets that would appropriately reward the incoming CEO in line with the potential shareholder value that could be achieved. The company is confident that the significant increase in share value is both challenging and achievable, which further validates the success of the group’s elevation strategy and Murray’s crucial role in its implementation.

In its recent financial report, Frasers Group revealed a staggering 94% decline in pre-tax profits, totaling £8.5 million, for the fiscal year ending April 25. This sharp decline is primarily attributed to the mandatory store closures during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The £100 million potential payout for Murray signifies the company’s strong belief in his capabilities to drive future success and growth for the Frasers Group. With his proven track record in modernizing the business and his integral role in implementing the elevation strategy, Murray is well-positioned to lead the group towards sustained success in the ever-changing retail industry.

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