Frasers Group, led by Mike Ashley, is once again expressing its frustration after being excluded from yet another brand auction. This comes after Ashley’s disappointment with the lack of information provided during the attempted purchase of Debenhams. The latest brand in Frasers’ sights is Jaeger, which is part of the Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group. However, Frasers Group is claiming that the insolvency consultants at FRP Advisory, who are assisting with the sale, have been uncooperative by either delaying or refusing to provide the standard information that a buyer would expect.

According to an insider, key items were also withheld from Frasers Group, leading to speculation that FRP has a preferred buyer in mind. The ongoing dispute adds to Mike Ashley’s growing list of frustrations as he tries to expand his retail empire. Earlier this year, Ashley lost his battle to gain control of Debenhams, which he believed was due to a lack of transparency from the administrators.

The exclusion from the Jaeger auction is another setback for Frasers Group, as it continues to face challenges in its brand-buying efforts. The Edinburgh Woollen Mill chain recently went into administration after failing to find a buyer. However, efforts to find buyers for the Jaeger and Peacocks brands are still ongoing.

A source close to Philip Day, the owner of Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group, revealed that Frasers Group was not willing to match the perceived value of the brands. In response, a spokesperson for Day stated that all bidders for Peacocks and Jaeger have had equal access to information and ample opportunity to make an offer.

The outcome of the Jaeger auction remains uncertain, but tensions are running high. Frasers Group believes it has been unfairly treated and excluded from the process, while Philip Day’s camp insists that all bidders have been given an equal opportunity. As the battle for Jaeger and Peacocks continues, it remains to be seen who will emerge as the successful purchaser and what the future holds for these iconic brands.

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