Frasers Group, led by billionaire Mike Ashley, has recently added another company to its retail empire with the acquisition of CrossFit and WIT Fitness. The deal, the terms of which were not disclosed, includes the assets and intellectual property of the London-based gym and fitness-wear group.

James France, Frasers Group’s head of acquisitions, explained that this purchase supports the company’s objective of becoming a world-leading sports retailer. He believes that incorporating WIT Fitness into Frasers Group’s diverse ecosystem will contribute to the ongoing success of the globally recognized brand.

WIT Fitness is renowned for its comprehensive services, which include selling CrossFit athletic apparel and equipment, as well as providing gymnastics and endurance training to a dedicated community. The business currently employs approximately 15 individuals, both in the gym and retail sectors.

While Frasers Group has primarily focused on acquiring fashion brands in recent years, the addition of WIT Fitness aligns well with its strategy of expanding and modernizing its Sports Direct operations. The company has ambitious plans for the sports brand, with significant building acquisitions in key cities where new flagship stores will be established. These cities include Liverpool, Belfast, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, and London.

Frasers Group’s acquisition spree exemplifies its determination to consolidate its position in the retail industry and broaden its range of products and services. By bringing WIT Fitness into its portfolio, the company continues to reinforce its presence in the sports retail sector and expand its customer base.

As Frasers Group continues to invest in and support the growth of WIT Fitness, it is anticipated that the brand’s reputation as a leading provider of gym and fitness-wear will only continue to flourish. With the support of one of the UK’s largest retail groups, WIT Fitness can expect to benefit from increased resources and opportunities for expansion both domestically and internationally.

The acquisition of WIT Fitness by Frasers Group demonstrates the company’s commitment to investing in brands that align with its strategic goals and have the potential for sustained success. In an evolving retail landscape, it is crucial for companies like Frasers Group to adapt and diversify in order to stay competitive. With this latest acquisition, Frasers Group has taken another stride towards solidifying its position as a global leader in the sports retail market.

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