Frasers Group, led by Mike Ashley, is furthering its retail park strategy with the recent acquisition of Belfast’s Boucher Shopping Park. The deal between Frasers Group and Corbo Properties, represented by Sam Morrison, was completed, although the specific purchase price remains undisclosed. Despite the growing popularity of online shopping, accelerated by the pandemic, Frasers Group has actively expanded its presence in the UK retail market. The acquisition of retail parks aligns with its broader “wider elevation strategy.”

Over the past few years, a significant number of retail parks have become available as property giants and smaller landlords reshaped their business strategies. Frasers Group has been selective in its retail park investments, choosing carefully to maximize its impact. James France, Head of Property at Frasers Group, emphasized the importance of the Boucher Road location, which is widely recognized as Northern Ireland’s leading out-of-town retail destination. Boucher Shopping Park, situated in the heart of this area, offers an exceptional retail lineup for its customers. Interestingly, Frasers Group has already made significant investments in the Irish market, committing to over 500,000 square feet of retail space across all of its brands in the last two years. This latest acquisition not only strengthens its commitment to the Irish market but also provides an opportunity for investment and modernization, ultimately creating an aspirational shopping destination.

Traditionally, retail parks were dominated by large DIY stores and supermarkets. However, in recent years, they have become increasingly appealing to high street fashion and beauty businesses, as well as more upscale operators. Boucher Shopping Park currently houses Frasers Group’s Sports Direct chain and several fashion retailers, suggesting the possibility of more Frasers Group-owned stores opening at this location.

Through the acquisition of Belfast’s Boucher Shopping Park, Frasers Group underscores its dedication to physical retail and its confidence in the future of bricks-and-mortar stores. Despite the rise of e-commerce, the company strongly believes in the value and potential of in-person shopping experiences and aims to create attractive destinations for its customers. By strategically acquiring retail parks like Boucher Shopping Park, Frasers Group positions itself as a leader in the evolving retail landscape. With its focus on elevating the retail experience and its commitment to investment and modernization, Frasers Group continues to shape the future of retail.

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