French active footwear company Rouchette has made its first international acquisition by purchasing UK-based wellie brand Evercreatures, along with its parent company Astbury Collections. Although the purchase price remains undisclosed, Rouchette plans to invest up to £500,000 into the business. This move aligns with Rouchette’s strategy of development and diversification, aiming to strengthen its presence in the UK market.

As part of the deal, Tony Bailey, co-director of Astbury Collections, will join Rouchette as its sales and marketing director in the UK. Bailey is optimistic about the acquisition, believing it will benefit both brands. Rouchette had shown a strong interest in expanding quickly into the UK market and approached Astbury Collections regarding a potential sale last year. Now that the deal has been finalized, Rouchette is planning to invest in new product lines, innovation, infrastructure, and staff, promising UK customers a fresh range of stock and designs from Evercreatures.

Evercreatures was founded in 2004 and has gained a reputation for fashionable rain boots and accessories for men, women, and children. The brand has particularly appealed to festival-goers. On the other hand, Rouchette, which was established in 1990 by Jean-Louis Rouchette, is renowned for its durable rubber footwear designed for gardening, maritime activities, and everyday lifestyle use.

Sébastien Rouchette, the managing director and son of the founder, expressed his excitement about this significant milestone for the company. He sees acquiring a well-established brand in the footwear industry as a natural progression for Rouchette and anticipates an exciting and rewarding project ahead.

With Rouchette’s investment and expertise, Evercreatures is now well-positioned for growth and expansion in the UK market. This acquisition opens up new opportunities for both brands, and customers can expect to see increased availability and visibility in the coming years.

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