French cosmetics group Bogart has reported a 2.4% increase in sales during the first nine months of its 2023 financial year, with sales totaling €203.1 million ($235.6 million). The company, which owns popular perfume chain April and the Carven and Jacques Bogart own-labels, as well as licensed beauty brands, remains confident in its sales growth and profitability targets for the full year, despite recently closing nine shops in Belgium and 17 in France as part of a reorganisation plan.

Breaking down Bogart’s sales figures, the fragrance and cosmetics department, which includes the Carven and Jacques Bogart brands, experienced a 5.7% increase in sales, reaching €39.2 million. Bogart Beauty Retail, which includes the April selective perfumery chain, reported sales of €163.9 million, a 1.6% increase.

While Bogart’s performance has been positive overall, there is some concern regarding its operations in Israel, where it operates 44 April shops. These shops accounted for 14% of Bogart’s business in 2022. Despite not experiencing any significant disruptions to its commercial activities in the region, the company remains cautious and closely monitors developments, especially for the safety of its employees.

The Bogart Group is set to release its fourth-quarter sales figures on February 5, 2024.

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