French inventory-pooling platform Stockly has successfully raised €12 million in capital as it aims to expand its operations across Europe. The funding round attracted major investors including Eurazeo, the Daphni investment fund, and prominent business angels.

Established in 2018, Stockly provides e-tailers with solutions to share and pool their inventory, enabling them to avoid stock-outs. Renowned brands such as Galeries Lafayette, Decathlon, Go Sport, and Jonak are already utilizing Stockly’s services, along with numerous other partners.

One of Stockly’s core offerings is its ability to digitally share inventory among different e-tailers, effectively increasing the depth of stock for each individual retailer. This process occurs seamlessly, with the platform ensuring neutral packaging so that customers remain unaware. Stockly’s algorithm determines which inventory to source a product from based on factors such as price, proximity to the customer, and service quality if the item is available from multiple inventories.

With the secured funding, Stockly intends to expand its team of 50 employees, primarily within the tech and business development divisions. Additionally, the company plans to enhance its network of European business partners. Co-founders Eliott Jabès and Oscar Walter, both graduates of prestigious institutions, are excited about the prospects of further expanding their partner merchants in Europe.

Stock outages are a significant concern in online retail, particularly in the fashion sector where a vast array of products, sizes, and color variations pose specific challenges. This issue is further exacerbated as brands implement inventory streamlining practices to minimize the value of unsold stock at the end of each season.

This recent funding round is not Stockly’s first success. In April 2021, the company secured $5.1 million in start-up funding from investors such as Idinvest and the Daphni investment funds, as well as Checkout founder Guillaume Pousaz.

Stockly’s mission to prevent stock-outs and optimize inventory management is gaining recognition and industry support. With its expansion plans and increased partnerships, the platform is poised to make a significant impact on the e-commerce sector throughout Europe.

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