French natural cosmetics brand, Waam Cosmetics, has successfully raised €1.5 million in its first funding round. The investment comes from Karot Capital and BPI France, and will allow Waam Cosmetics to accelerate its growth and establish itself as a key player in the rapidly expanding natural beauty market.

Waam Cosmetics offers a wide range of natural beauty products, including vegetable oils, flower waters, essential oils, clay, recipe kits, neutral skincare products, and natural active ingredients. These products are sourced responsibly from around the world, ensuring their ecological footprint is minimal. Customers have the option to combine these ingredients to create their own finished products, such as day creams, shampoos, toothpastes, and deodorants. Currently, the brand has 150 products in its catalogue, but plans to increase this number to 500 by 2020 with the support of the funding.

The success of Waam Cosmetics over the past three years is a testament to the growing fascination with do-it-yourself cosmetics made from natural and healthy ingredients. The brand’s founder, Dieynaba Ndoye, has been self-financing the company until this point. With the new funds, she aims to accelerate the brand’s growth and make its benefits accessible to a wider audience.

One of the investors in this funding round, Karot Capital, has previously invested in intelligent textile and natural fiber specialist Induo, as well as Sevessence, a company that produces natural organic perfumes with therapeutic and/or neurostimulant properties.

Initially, Waam Cosmetics launched its products exclusively through its own e-shop. However, they can now be found in French supermarket chain Monoprix, as well as in pharmacies and Belgian retailer Di Beauty & Care. This has expanded their presence to a total of 700 points of sale across France and abroad. Moving forward, the brand aims to further increase its market presence.

This is not Ndoye’s first entrepreneurial venture. In 2007, she founded Colorii, a chain of concept stores dedicated to ethnic products, which had five locations including one in Paris’ Forum des Halles mall. In 2013, she sold the brand to Provalliance Group, the owner of Saint Algue and Jean Louis David.

With the completion of its first funding round, Waam Cosmetics is now in a prime position to capitalize on the growing demand for natural and DIY beauty products. Its commitment to sourcing eco-friendly ingredients and its innovative approach are likely to contribute to its success in becoming a leader in the market.

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