French ready-to-wear brand, Iro, is looking to expand its business in the coming months, with a focus on digital strategy, market expansion, and the development of its men’s collection. The company, which was acquired by Chinese fashion group Ellassay in 2019, has managed to maintain its revenue through online sales despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of physical stores. This success can be attributed to Iro’s investment in digital transformation, which has made it an omnichannel company since 2017.

Iro’s CEO, Richard Fettaya, highlights the importance of having a diverse distribution network and a strong international market presence for the sustainability of the brand’s business model. With Ellassay’s support, Iro has been able to expand its team and hire Tiffany Biou, previously from Sandro, as the brand’s marketing and digital director.

Currently, Iro has 90 points of sale worldwide, with a focus on major cities in Asia, Europe, and the United States. The brand recently opened new stores in London, Melrose (California), and Barcelona, adding to its existing retail operations. In addition to its retail business, Iro values its wholesale operations, especially in Europe and the United States, as it allows the brand to reach a wider customer base, including distributors and multi-brand stores.

While Iro’s main goal is to establish itself as a leader in contemporary fashion, the brand is also exploring opportunities for growth in other areas. This includes expanding into new markets, further developing its men’s collection, and increasing its sales of accessories. Currently, accessories contribute a small portion to the brand’s overall sales, making it an area with untapped potential.

Besides its growth plans, Iro will also be announcing its corporate social responsibility (CSR) ambitions this year, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

With the support of Ellassay and its strategic growth initiatives, Iro is confident in its ability to navigate the ever-changing retail landscape and continue its upward trajectory.

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