French sustainability start-up Fairly Made has recently secured five million euros in funding to revolutionize the fashion industry. Founded in 2018 by Laure Betsch and Camille Le Gal, Fairly Made is based in Paris and aims to provide transparency and traceability in the supply chain.

The funding round was led by ETF Capital fund, with support from Le Fonds by French Founders, both of which prioritize sustainability through innovation. Fairly Made plans to utilize the funding to expand their team and enter new markets. Currently, the company has established partnerships with well-known brands such as LVMH, Asphalte, Balzac Paris, Ba&sh, Des Petits Hauts, and Mr Moustache.

Fairly Made’s platform allows brands to map their supply chains and collect impact data. This valuable information can then be shared with consumers through an online application or QR codes on garment labels, enabling customers to access detailed information about the product’s origin and sustainability.

The timing of this funding round is significant in light of new regulations that advocate for greater transparency and sustainability in the fashion industry. Starting from January 1, 2023, brands with a turnover of over €50 million will be obligated to disclose information regarding the traceability of their supply chain, the presence of plastic microfibers and recycled materials in their products, and the product’s recyclability level.

Laure Betsch, the CEO of Fairly Made, stressed the alignment of the ETF Capital fund’s values with the company’s vision for responsible transformation in the fashion industry. Betsch also emphasized that the funding would strengthen Fairly Made’s presence in the French market and facilitate expansion at the European level. Additionally, the start-up is exploring opportunities in the United States, where regulatory changes are also underway.

The fashion industry is increasingly recognizing the urgency for sustainable solutions, and Fairly Made aims to lead this movement. With its innovative platform and commitment to transparency, the start-up has the potential to make a significant global impact and become a pioneer in sustainable fashion.

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