French women’s ready-to-wear brand Vanessa Bruno is embarking on an ambitious expansion plan that includes opening new stores and entering new markets, such as Shanghai. Founded by Vanessa Bruno in 1996, the brand has recently transformed its Paris store into a Latino concept store, reflecting the vibrant culture of Mexico City. This move aligns with the brand’s growth strategy, as it experienced a significant 30% increase in growth in 2022 compared to the previous year.

To support its expansion efforts, Vanessa Bruno has enlisted the help of Brand Sisters, a company led by Arié Benayoun, as a minority shareholder. Brand Sisters, which already owns Zapa and Tara Jarmon, brings valuable retail expertise to the table. While the financial details of the arrangement and the precise amount contributed by Brand Sisters have not been disclosed, the partnership is expected to enhance Vanessa Bruno’s global presence.

According to Henri Sebaoun, the managing director of Vanessa Bruno, the brand’s ownership now includes Brand Sisters, Vanessa Bruno (as the majority stakeholder), and himself. It is important to note that the three brands under Brand Sisters will not be merged into a single concept.

Vanessa Bruno’s expansion plans extend beyond the French market, as the brand aims to establish a presence in international locations. Recently, the brand opened a store in San Sebastian, Spain, and is now setting its sights on Switzerland, with potential new locations in Lausanne and Zurich. Furthermore, Vanessa Bruno is preparing for its first pop-up store in Shanghai, followed by a permanent boutique on Nanjing Road in the former French concession. This strategic move allows the brand to tap into the thriving Chinese market, especially considering Shanghai’s increasing number of millionaires.

Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Vanessa Bruno remains committed to developing its store network. Currently, the brand has more than 300 retailers worldwide, including over sixty points of sale in France, ranging from department store corners to standalone boutiques. With its ambitious growth plans and new partnerships, Vanessa Bruno is well-positioned to solidify its position as a leading premium women’s ready-to-wear brand, both nationally and internationally.

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